The Cheese Container

Cheesemaker space in which we design modular cheese factories as well as provide training as a training academy.

What we do

We participate in the creation of small cheese factories, from the conceptual phase to designing the project, to when the doors are opened. We propose agile, versatile and adaptable solutions. These are founded on modular spaces that have everything necessary to develop a hand-crafted production of cheeses and other derivatives of milk. The Cheese Container are cheese factories in containers which provide comfortable, functional space, and at the same time are aesthetically innovative.

If you already have a functioning cheese factory and you need to improve your elaboration processes or you would like to develop a new production line, we offer technical assistance. It is provided by technicians and experts whose knowledge has been gleaned in their own cheese factories. We monitor projects, and act as consultants for questions relevant to production, such as selling and distribution. Our goal is to strengthen your existing project.

Our philosophy

We like cheese with character, with personality. Cheeses which tell us something about where they were conceived and the people responsible for their existence are, without a doubt, products with an authenticity which converts them into insignia for their different territories. That is why we are in favour and defenders of cheeses elaborated with raw milk, provided that the sanitary conditions, both hygienic and legal, permit this type of production.

We like cheeses with tradition, and we value the craftsmanship of our cheese maker forbearers. Similarly, the forms and methods which have been maintained, and are linked historically with different spaces are considered important. However, we are equally motivated and inspired by new forms of interpreting milk. Without undervaluing or forgetting the methods learned during generations, we are in favour of creating new cheeses. Cheeses that produce new sensations. Tradition and innovation walking hand-in-hand.

We like cheese and we dream of diverse territories represented by multiple forms of this expression. We see the transformation of milk as a form of demonstrating inquisitiveness and interest. An excellent opportunity to externalize ones way of understanding the core of each and every social group. That is why we insist upon transferring the good practices and experiences acquired in our own cheese factories, located in different spots in Spain and around the world. Our objective is to generate a production network that is dense, solid, and diverse, and which represents a true resource for the area.

Who we are

We are a team of enthusiasts from differing sectors with diverse training and experiences and who are united by the same passion: cheese. From our different disciplines we have tackled various personal projects. These include starting up our own cheese factories, such as Cantagrullas, La Jarradilla or Ramón Lizeaga, stores specializing in cheese (such as Los quesos de Juan, Elkano1 or Cultivo), distribution companies specializing in hand-crafted cheeses, such as Cultivo, and technical assistance in different countries in both South and Central America as well as Africa.

Rubén Valbuena
Cheese craftsman, founder and associate of Granja Cantagrullas (, Quesería Cultivo ( and Rocklette ( He currently develops projects as a technical assistant as well as providing ongoing training in various countries.
Carlos Yescas
He is the director of Oldways Cheese Coalition and Dean Advisor for the Instituto Mexicano del Queso, A.C. (Mexican Institute of Cheese), A.C. Master Yescas is the author of the book Quesos Mexicanos, published by Larousse in 2013 and was selected by the British newspaper, The Guardian, as one of the 50 most influential people in the global gastronomic scene in 2015. La Guilde des Fromagers (Cheese Lodge) in France has given him the distinguished status as Garde et Jure for his work promoting hand-crafted cheeses. He is untiring in his work to open new markets for cheese craftsmen around the world. His work with la Coalición de Queseros (Cheese Coalition), includes the promotion of cheeses elaborated from raw milk and is backed by some of the most prestigious cheese factories in the industry. Along with his family, chiefly his sister, Lic Georgina Yescas Angeles Trujano, he established Lactography which operates as a distributor and vendor of cheese in Mexico and in 2014 they opened the Queso Store, which is a cheese store specializing in hand-crafted Mexican cheeses in Mexico City.
Rubén Picado y María José de Blas
They are arquitects for the Politechnical School in Madrid ETSAM. The founded their own studio in 1991 and are currently university professors of Proyectos Arquitectónicos. Their vocation as teachers complements their professional work. This combination inspires the constant activation of ideas, from management problems to the scale of the landscape, while incorporating their interest in the environment into their projects and investigations. They have been selected in the Bienal of Venice, the Bienal of Spanish Arquitecture, and the Bienal Iberamericana of Design. They currently give classes in CEU, managing the Transversal Studio, with an experimental methodology, and giving conferences at different international universities. Their ongoing works have been widely published, displayed and recognized with: Fad 2012 Award, COAM Award, SALONI Award, ENOR Award, Award from Madrid´s City Hall, Pad-Piedra Award or EUROPAN.
Juan Carlos Hernández Tapia
Associate and founder of Los Quesos de Juan (, Quesería Cultivo ( and Rocklette (, and currently elaborates hand-crafted cheeses. He started with a store which specializes in cheese in Medina del Campo (Valladolid, Spain) and became a cheese craftsman thanks to his collaboration with Granja Cantagrullas, where he produces his own cheeses.
Álvaro Carral
After an almost five-year experience at Neal’s Yard Dairy ( he was incorporated onto the team of a family cheese factory located in the Valles Pasiegos (Selaya, Cantabria, Spain). La Jarradilla ( has been elaborating traditional cheeses for more than two decades, using milk which is produced by the family’s own livestock. Associate and founder of Quesería Cultivo ( - and Rocklette (
Ramón Lizeaga
Hand-crafted cheese artisan and founder of Quesería Ramón Lizeaga ( and of Quesería Elkanol ( As an artisan influenced by french trends, he has enjoyed stays in various centres of ongoing training in France. As a cheese craftsmen educator, he has worked for public institutions, coordinating training courses for the transformation of dairy-based products.
Clara Diez Tejero
Cheesemonger, manager and associate in Quesería Cultivo ( and Rocklette (

How we work

After we make our first contact, and once the needs and objectives have been identified, we help with the conceptual configuration and in the design of the project. Always keeping in mind the cheese factory as a final product, and conscious of the needs of the current market and the motivations of the developer, we manage to adjust the space available to the real needs of production, optimizing resources and making the work more efficient. When the objective is clear, the project is designed while never forgetting to incur the smallest possible impact upon the environment, which can be directly influenced, depending on the location of The Cheese Container.

Once the project is clearly defined we begin constructing the modules, which are equipped with all of the necessary installations and equipment for the entire process. We strive for energy-efficient, clean cheese factories, while at the same time providing innovation in a landscaping sense, and function, especially when taking into consideration the fact that it is a production site.

Once the construction is completed, The Cheese Container is transported to the site where it will be installed, which gives way to the next work phase. We move on to technical assistance, transporting our technical team to the site for the time considered necessary to get the planned production lines set up. At the same time we provide training to the personnel who will take charge of the project. The objective is to guarantee the autonomy and the positive outcomes of the projects, which is why we provide this all-important support from the very beginning.

We don’t abandon our projects, due to the continued monitoring which we provide, technically-oriented concerning production. Our goal is to resolve the problems which can arise, while also orienting and supporting marketing and commercial strategies.


Once you have arrived at this point, you may have some doubts about how to begin. You’re plagued with questions and doubts. You can write us an email so that we can resolve them. Below we hope to give you a general idea of how we normally proceed.

Study of needs and conceptualization of the project: When you get in contact with us it is generally for one of two reasons. Many are considering beginning their own business project and need help flushing out their plans. We can advise you for those first steps, so that from day one the project has solid and well-founded bases, and that once it begins you don’t find yourself up a creek without a paddle. Others have already begun their projects and need to conceptually change their setup. Sometimes it’s because you see that your existing plans aren’t working out with the current market or you are simply not comfortable with the events that are taking place. Whatever the case may be, we can be of assistance.

Design, project and execution of #cheesecontainer: Once we have clear what it is we want to accomplish, where and how, we move on to the next step which is of vital importance. It consists in designing and calculating the dimensions of the physical space where the activity will take place. It’s an important point where unnecessary waste on the initial investment can be avoided. It is important because it allows one to avoid making changes or modifications once the project is already underway, which tends to be very costly and one is not prepared to take on the costs. Good prior planning guarantees a solid start.

Training and technical assistance: Proper training is a key element for the correct development of the project, so that the cheese maker feels sure of him or herself once they are producing. We can offer this training, as well as accompany you during the first moments when the project is finally under way. We help in the development, and with the development of the distinct production lines. In this way we allow you to feel more confident and comfortable. We offer this service for those who already have existing projects, and those who wish to carry out specified training in defined areas. We can also aid those who wish to carry out technical assistance in their facilities for the development of products, whether it is because you want to diversify or reinforce the products you already produce.

Training and comprehensive advice on marketing and sales: We are conscious of the fact that producing good cheese is not enough to be successful with a cheese factory project. For this reason, we offer you the experience from three specialized stores in Spain and Mexico, as well as two distributing companies specialized in hand-crafted cheeses and which operate on both continents. Quesería Cultivo, Los Quesos de Juan, Elkanol and Lactography are all projects which are already established in the signature cheese sector, where cheeses have first and last names.

The cost of the services provided will depend on the contracted parts and the size of the project. If you are interested in finding out more, we encourage you to write us an email and we will get in contact with you within a few days.


You can get in contact with us through email. Our address is

Write to us to tell us about your project and your existing needs so that, together, we can look at the possiblities. We will be delighted to learn more about your ideas.